Royalty Free Stock Wildlife Clipart by Dero

  1. Male Lion Washing His Mane with Shampoo
  2. Happy Orange Artist Crab Holding Green Paint in a Shell and a Purple Paintbrush
  3. Gradient Fish Pointing
  4. Goldfish Swimming with Bubbles
  5. Blue, Green and Purple Fish
  6. Gradient Fish with a Big Fin and Lips
  7. Striped Fish
  8. Happy Fish with Bubbles
  9. Thumb up Purple Fish with Bubbles
  10. Green and Orange Fish Pointing Right
  11. Green Fish with a Yellow Belly
  12. Happy Orange Black and White Fish with Green Eyes
  13. Gradient Green Fish Grinning and Clasping His Hands
  14. Bear Holding a Roll of Paper and Spilling Ink from a Pen
  15. Happy Bear Walking
  16. Sleepy Bear Stretching
  17. Happy Bear Walking with a Gift in Hand
  18. Christmas Bear Walking Away
  19. Tiger Washing His Mane with Sudsy Shampoo
  20. Drunk Tiger Dancing and Holding a Glass of Champagne at a Party
  21. Jolly Leopard Giving a Blue and Purple Present
  22. Lion Bullying a Monkey and Holding Him up by Suspenders
  23. Black Silhouetted Adult Elephant Facing Left
  24. Pink Elephant Holding a Red Heart
  25. Valentine Elephant Couple
  26. Gray Elephant Wearing Sunglasses, Looking to the Side and Day Dreaming
  27. Four Black Silhouetted Elephants
  28. Silhouetted Elephant Pair Playing with Each Other's Trunks
  29. Hedgehog Wearing Clothes Pointing in Different Directions
  30. Two Hedgehogs Making a Sand Castle
  31. Hedgehog Giving the Thumbs up
  32. Two Rabbits
  33. Rabbit Holding Red and Blue Pencils
  34. Happy Brown Rabbit with a Sponge, Taking a Sudsy Bath in a Tub
  35. Infatuated Brown Female Rabbit
  36. Happy Brown Bunny Rabbit Resting on His Belly
  37. Coloring Orange Squirrel with a Blue Color Pencil
  38. Cartoon Hungry Orange Squirrel Holding a Spoon
  39. Black Silhouetted Young Profiled Antelope with Short Antlers
  40. Brown Antelope with Short Antlers
  41. Silhouetted Alert Antelope with Curly Antlers
  42. Silhouetted Antelope Grazing on a Hillside, Against a Purple Sunset