Royalty Free Stock Wildlife Clipart by Dennis Holmes Designs

  1. Happy Platypus in a Swimsuit, Jumping into a Pool
  2. Platypus Laughing on a Big Blue Book
  3. Waving Brown Platypus
  4. Happy Green Sea Turtles Swimming
  5. Pink Bellied Hippo
  6. Bunny Rabbit Riding in a Kangaroo's Pouch with Easter Eggs in a Basket
  7. Cupid Shooting Arrows at a Turtle and Riding in a Kangaroo Pouch
  8. Kangaroo Kicking a Rugby Football
  9. Female Kangaroo Golfing
  10. Rich Kangaroo with Cash in His Hands and Pouch
  11. Kangaroo Proof Reader Tangled in a Long Piece of Paper, List, or Office Memo
  12. Boxing Kangaroo
  13. Christmas Santa Kangaroo with a Sack of Toys and Presents
  14. Young and Old Party Kangaroos Comparing Their Shirts
  15. Cute Doe Deer Scratching Its Back